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well...i almost died last night

well we went to the club and everything was, brian, courntey, deniz and matt....then we went to brians house to drink...and i was outside and i smoked so much that i needed to lay i layed down in my car and fell asleep and then next thing i know i wacked my head against the window and my car was on the side of the road....that asshole matt took my car and he was drunk off his ass and then he drove my car around town while drinking a bottle of champaign...all while i am asleep in the backseat...he hit the curb and i wacked my head then i got out and started flipping he left me there...the cops came and i told them what happened...and they made me call matts house....i felt bad about doing it but i had no he came back to the car, and he failed the sobriety test and they found my keys in his damn pocket...and they arrested i had to go to the hospital because they thought i had a concusion(spelling?)...then i had an anxiety attack and puked in the fucking i went to gen's and took like 4 liquid advils and passed out, my car is totalled...and i have to go to court to be a witness...or something...i dont have he going to have to pay for it...i just want my car poor bob(thats my car's name) he is dead :( i cant handle this...i am never going to the club ever again every time i go something happens...last week i ran out of gas in the middle of providence at 230 in the morning...the time before that i got stranded in rhode island...the time before that i was on the side of the highway in an accident(i wasnt driving) is a sign i can not go there any more especially with these fucking morons....well i gotta go teach piano lessons now....
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