Marley (marley42) wrote,

my life

kicked out
thrown out
no where to go but down
down the spiral
back into his arms
one step forward
three steps back
over and over
the circle goes
never completed
just neverending
cycles and merry-go-rounds
don't know how to stop
go along for the ride
wait to get off
wait for it to end
start a new beginning
somewhere new
not the same old you
never let go
never go back
never rethink the past
foward always
backward never
that will be the day
i pray for
we will see if you can get there
if you can be with me
for real, no more pretending
no more games, no more denials
truths uncovered, hidden by a mask
a mask of strength and happiness
to uncover your weaknesses and despair
i can make it better
maybe you can fix me in the process
for this mask is burning my face
i can not bear to wear it any longer
the burden is too deep
i just want to be free
just be with me
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